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My two main loves in life are my little boy Harry and my passion to support and enable women all over the world to have it all. My action taking clients with my support step into a millionaire mindset that enables them to scale to 6, 7 and multi 7 figures in business. I know first-hand that in order to be successful it takes dedication, motivation, consistency and your number one cheerleader right behind you.. I founded and built a multi 7-figure brand and have now transitioned into mentoring to fulfil my mission, ambition and purpose in life.
I know my tribe and I am committed and passionate about supporting and empowering them, giving them the confidence needed to take action and become unlimited in prosperity, happiness and success. Having the right mentor by your side gives you the confidence to get where you want to be and flourish. 
When I am not busy being a Mummy and supporting my clients, I love to cook, lunch with the girls, immerse myself in my spiritual practice and self-development and of course I love fashion and all things creative and pretty…. That inner bridal designer is still there.

With 20 years of success as an entrepreneur and brand, I am well placed to mentor my clients to the highest standard. I am now qualified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and breakthrough and performance coaching. Combining my knowledge, experience, and success from creating a multi 7-figure brand with this mindset expertise has enabled me to support my clients in reaching new levels of success. Working on your mindset to banish limiting beliefs, work out what is holding you back, give you more confidence and work on your money mindset, allows you to become limitless in your prosperity. This is all backed with practical and proven business and brand advice to give you clarity on where you want to take your business.

I mentor female creatives and high achieving entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in their self-development and go next level by scaling into the 6 and 7 figures, the sky is the limit. My clients want a mentor who has the experience and expertise to support them on their journey to financial freedom. I am not your average glossy coach who wraps it all up, makes it Insta perfect and gives you unrealistic fluffy advice. I am real, raw, and honest. I will share with you all that I know and give you the inside track to the glorious highs and lows that have shaped me to become the leader that I am today.

If you are ready to go to 6 and 7 figures and beyond then i am the mentor for you. 

I also offer specific consultancy, you can learn more about that here 

Your prosperity knows no limits.

Mentor, Coach, Entrepreneur, Consultant and Mother…

I'm Charlotte.


CB xx

Can you have it all? A millionaire mindset and lifestyle? Yes you can! Coming very soon are the Charlotte Balbier retreats, masterminds, courses and more. Ready to scale to 6, 7 and multi 7 figures? Want to join a community of high achieving like-minded female entrepreneurs, in a society where you can all scale and grow together? More sales, more profit, more visibility. Watch this space for news on my beautiful community where you will not only expand your business but scale your mindset up too.

Coming Soon

A unique opportunity to learn from two of the UK’s leading female entrepreneurs. Charlotte Balbier and Amanda Wyatt have over 60 years of combined experience, knowledge, and expertise, with a proven track record of success. Both have had an extensive career working in high end retail, manufacturing, and design, founding their own individual brands before coming together to build multi 7-figure brands.


Want to scale to 6 and 7 figures and beyond?

Are you a solopreneur? Or perhaps you're leading a team as the founder of your brand? If you have no one to bounce ideas around with, it can be hard to take those all-important steps to reach your true potential. I know this first-hand, as I have been in your shoes too. Ready to have a mentor by your side to support you to get a mindset and business for unlimited prosperity? Let’s talk.

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— Andreea Coma

"The best thing I ever did for myself and for my business, was booking a VIP coaching day with Charlotte. I recommend her 100% she is a really life and business changer. Thank you from all my heart Charlotte."

— Lisa Adnitt

"Mentoring with Charlotte has been absolutely amazing. I have enjoyed it so much that I have rebooked to continue to work with Charlotte. I would highly recommend her and am very much looking forward to carrying on this journey. I can’t imagine not having Charlotte in my life!"

— Annmarie

"Working with Charlotte I gained clarity on what I needed to get done and with her support absolutely smashed it task by task in the most achievable way. Once we’d worked together to get my mind in the right place it was like the universe listened, within two weeks I had my two largest sales, one a booking for my new rates the highest they’ve been yet!"

My vision is to inspire and support women to have unlimited prosperity and the freedom to live an extraordinary life.

I work with my clients to bring them back to the core of who they really are. With support, and by sharing my knowledge and expertise of mindset, branding and business success, together we shift from an ordinary to an extraordinary life. 

Now is your time to shine and become the woman you want to be both in life and business. Your prosperity knows no limits; the only limit is your mindset.

My mission is to create a global movement of women unapologetically stepping into their purpose and becoming financially free and unlimited in their prosperity with multi 7 figure brands and businesses.

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