One-Day Intensive


No matter what page you are on in your business journey, established or a new enterprise, the one-day intensive has seen the most extraordinary results and shifts in both mindset and business for those who have experienced this powerful mentorship.  

Time for Growth

The Charlotte Balbier one-day intensive for ambitious business owners who are ready to take action now!

Does this sound familiar?

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Are you at a point in your business that requires immediate action to be taken?

Feeling stuck, lacking motivation and direction with where to take your business next?

Perhaps you have hit a wall with sales, wanting to raise your visibility but not sure how?

You are wanting to turn over 6, 7 and multi-7 figures and beyond and want to learn from someone who has walked that path of success?

If this is ringing true for you, this one-day intensive is the ticket for you to fast track onto the next steps and level up your business and brand. 


Yes! I'm In...

Perhaps you are on page one of your new business journey and looking to have some expert eyes on your new venture?

Bounce ideas, create a strategy, define your brand message, build the solid foundations for a long lasting and successful business?

Do you need someone who has over 2 decades of proven success and results along with the knowledge and skillset to build multi-7 figure brands? 

Charlotte’s co-consultant multi-award winning and multi-7 figure brand builder Amanda Wyatt will also be attending part of the day. Amanda has a sharp eye for knowing instantly what is going to be a bestselling line in both fashion and lifestyle lines. A keen commercial mind, her rule is always 80% commercial and 20% creative. Profit is Amanda’s main focus for her own businesses and those she now consults for. The 80/20 rule is the key to why she always has a very healthy bottom line, and she lives by the famous quote “turnover is vanity, profit is sanity”. Amanda is famous for her sales talents in both consumer and B2B, skills she now passes to her clients using simple but effective training. 

The days are designed exclusively with you and your business in mind, tailored to meet your immediate needs, along with establishing the essential solid framework needed for long-term growth. Results driven to give you clarity, motivation, direction, strategy, fresh ideas, and practical and creative steps to accelerate forward, her proven methods have helped the 1000s of women Charlotte has mentored, coached, and trained over the years. 

— Andreea Coma

"The Best thing I have ever done for myself and for my business, was booking a 1 day intensive coaching day with Charlotte. Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

Branding and touch points. Why becoming a brand is key


Blockbusting; confidence building and breaking down mindset blocks holding you back from where you want to be


Vision work; your life, business, ideal clients and how to get in front of them and sell to them with ease


Welcome coffee



Let me walk you through an example of how your day could look

Where we'll be...



Goal Setting


Plan of action and timescales


Q&A and close


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Time to rise up!

My two main loves in life are my little boy Harry and my passion to support and enable women all over the world to have it all. My action taking clients with my support step into a millionaire mindset that enables them to scale to 6, 7 and multi 7 figures in business. I know first-hand that in order to be successful it takes dedication, motivation, consistency and your number one cheerleader right behind you.. I founded and built a multi 7-figure brand and have now transitioned into mentoring to fulfil my mission, ambition and purpose in life.
I know my tribe and I am committed and passionate about supporting and empowering them, giving them the confidence needed to take action and become unlimited in prosperity, happiness and success. Having the right mentor by your side gives you the confidence to get where you want to be and flourish. 
When I am not busy being a Mummy and supporting my clients, I love to cook, lunch with the girls, immerse myself in my spiritual practice and self-development and of course I love fashion and all things creative and pretty…. That inner bridal designer is still there.

Mentor, Coach, Entrepreneur, Consultant and Mother…

I'm Charlotte.


CB xx

— Victoria Adnit

"My 1 day intensive with Charlotte and Amanda was a game changer. Following the day together i had the best sales in my business i had ever had. I will forever be grateful, thank you."

The one-day intensives are held at Charlotte Balbier HQ just outside Manchester in Cheadle Hulme, with easy access by train, plane, and car. The day is 10am-4.30pm.  
Following the day, you have a 28-day accountability timescale with direct access to Charlotte for any questions, queries or blocks that come up, and also 2 zooms in the 28 days for 1 hour each. This is all to ensure you take the action and get the results and have the support to get them. 
Investment for a one-day intensive and 28 day follow up and 2 zoom sessions is £2,797 and includes all refreshments, lunch, and workbooks. A pre-session questionnaire will be sent to you prior to the day so Charlotte can prep in full to tailor the day to meet your exact business needs. 

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"Working with Charlotte has been a dream, if you're looking for a business mentor Charlotte is your gal! Thankyou for your honesty and for guiding me along the right road, for shifting my mindset and for all your ideas that are insanely good!!"

Working with Charlotte has been a dream, if you're looking for a business mentor Charlotte is your gal! When I started to design my own brand the whole process became very overwhelming and I needed some guidance. I really look up to Charlotte and her enthusiasm for sharing her expertise and I knew she would be the perfect coach for me. The advice and knowledge that I gained will take my brand to the next level and help us to stand out, and be unique. Thankyou for sharing your positivity and believing in my brand. I'm excited to continue working together as the brand grows. If anyone is thinking about working with Charlotte just do it, highly recommend it.

"The best thing I have ever done for myself and for my business was book a VIP coaching day with Charlotte."

The day we did together helped me so much. Now in COVID time I’m still seeing the benefits of my 1-1 day together. I recommend Charlotte 100% she is really a life and business changer. Thank you from all my heart Charlotte.


"The following 3 months after my 1 day intensive the best sales months I had ever had - that December I sold more than I had in my previous 3 Decembers combined!"

Working with Charlotte felt like working with a friend - she was truthful and honest with me in where I needed to try new things and grow, but at the same time, it felt like she wanted me to succeed just as much as I did. She was my very own personal cheerleader! A couple of days later I received a lovely card in the post; its final sentence is now on my wall as my daily reminder that someone else believes in me “Now is your new chapter, adventure and endless success awaits you. Believe in you. You got this.”


"The mindset shift it has created has generated increased sales in the business, more targeted strategies for growth and a more enhanced money mindset."

I got to the point in my life and business where I felt I needed help, knowing that Charlotte now specialised in the areas I needed help with was a godsend. I had a huge feeling of overwhelm, uncertainty of where to go next and had generally a lack of faith in what I was doing. After my first session with Charlotte I immediately felt a huge weight off my shoulders. Just to know that someone else understood the position I was in and could quickly identify the areas I needed to focus on for change was the biggest help of all. 


"What makes Charlotte so unique is your genuine enthusiasm and your desire to help others achieve and feel good in themselves at the same time."

Charlotte you are such a delight to work with - you really do go the extra mile for your clients and what I love the most is that you care and go beyond the mentoring sessions. The sessions were invaluable to me as a solo entrepreneur. To have someone with knowledge and experience and a different pair of eyes looking at your business is a must, especially if they are called Charlotte Balbier. You have helped me up level, look at creating the businesses I truly want and showed me there is always a solution to a problem - just a different path to take to get there sometimes. Our sessions were like discussions where we exchanged ideas - you are so kind and generous both with your time and expertise.


"I have enjoyed it so much that I have rebooked to continue to work with Charlotte. I would highly recommend her and am very much looking forward to carrying on this journey. I can’t imagine not having Charlotte in my life!"

Charlotte has been absolutely amazing. I decided I wanted a mentor to help me grow personally and in my business. I knew Charlotte from her industry days, so as soon as I saw what she was doing I knew she was the right fit for me, we are very similar. As soon as we started, I knew I had made the right decision. Charlotte keeps me focussed. I used to be the type of person that would start jobs and never finish but she has set goals for me and made sure I complete all my tasks. Overall I am a positive person but I am also a worrier (especially of things that I cannot change) she has got me to look at things differently and changed my mindset and when I do slip she is quick to get me back to where I need to be.


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