12 Week VIP 1-1 Mentorship


If you are ready to scale your business and expand your mindset to open up to a new level, you my gorgeous have landed on the right page. Been looking for a sign? This is it! 

The Charlotte Balbier 12-week VIP 1-1 mentorship is an intense and powerful journey for women who want to scale and grow and are ready to have unlimited prosperity in business and life. This experience is for you if you are at a point in your business journey where you need to have an experienced mentor by your side with a proven track record of success and results. 

Having the right mentor and coach by your side accelerates your success, happiness, wealth, and the speed in which you achieve it, taking you from the ordinary to the extraordinary

Does this feel true for you? 

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Are you a business owner in LOVE with the creative side of running your business but struggling with the practicalities of developing it further?

Do you feel isolated working alone? 

If you’ve no one to bounce ideas around with, it can be hard to take those all-important steps to reach your true potential. Getting tied up in the day-to-day leaves little to no time for goal setting, making plans or brainstorming ideas. Plus, you’re not allowing the time to work out how to evolve your brand and increase turnover, or the all-important profit! This leaves you feeling frustrated, lonely, and stuck in a creative and business rut. 

Sick of busy being busy?

Fed up of that endless to do list and feeling like you’re too swamped to work on those aspirational dreams that you KNOW you can achieve if only you had the time, clarity and direction to take the steps to achieve them?

— Maria Ryan

Although running a very successful business, before I worked with Charlotte, I was really struggling with mindset and where I wanted to take my brand next and my confidence was really low. From our very 1st session i felt uplifted and ready to take action, i did and i got immediate results. Charlotte is relatable, kind, honest, and very practical – her advice ensures results. I will be forever grateful – she has changed me as a person and changed my life!. I would one hundred percent recommend working with her. I am so pleased with the results I have just signed to work with Charlotte for another 3 months.

If you are reading this and find yourself nodding, first of all you're not alone. Everyone at times feels totally overwhelmed and can lose track of where it is they are going. The positive news is this can all be reversed, and you can have all that you want to achieve and more.

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Time to rise up!

My two main loves in life are my little boy Harry and my passion to support and enable women all over the world to have it all. My action taking clients with my support step into a millionaire mindset that enables them to scale to 6, 7 and multi 7 figures in business. I know first-hand that in order to be successful it takes dedication, motivation, consistency and your number one cheerleader right behind you.. I founded and built a multi 7-figure brand and have now transitioned into mentoring to fulfil my mission, ambition and purpose in life.
I know my tribe and I am committed and passionate about supporting and empowering them, giving them the confidence needed to take action and become unlimited in prosperity, happiness and success. Having the right mentor by your side gives you the confidence to get where you want to be and flourish. 
When I am not busy being a Mummy and supporting my clients, I love to cook, lunch with the girls, immerse myself in my spiritual practice and self-development and of course I love fashion and all things creative and pretty…. That inner bridal designer is still there.

Mentor, Coach, Entrepreneur, Consultant and Mother…

I'm Charlotte.


CB xx

I'm In!

The question is, are you ready to step into your life's purpose and power?

Ready to have that unlimited prosperity?

If you are an entrepreneurial woman on a mission to share your purpose and vision with the world, wanting to make an impact and in return enjoy more money, freedom, happiness, success, unshakable confidence, and a clear, strong mindset, then now is your time. 
The only thing standing in your way is you, and by having a strong mentor and coach by your side you can put in place the action plan for your success. Strategy, accountability, endless ideas and blue sky thinking, creative skills, knowledge, power, results are just a few superpowers Charlotte has that she shares openly with her clients.

If you are ready to take action and enter into a new and powerful journey you can apply by clicking the button below. Charlotte has a strictly limited number of places for the 12 week 1-1 available by application only.

The 12-week framework and journey will look like this

Deep dive 90-minute first Zoom session

Dedicated private Dubsado portal

3 Zooms per month: one hour-long Zoom a week for the first 3 weeks of the month

Last week of the month is application week

Access to Charlotte 1-1 via WhatsApp Monday-Friday

Workbooks and work materials to support topics and work being carried out

Charlotte’s former clients include coaches, fashion and lifestyle brands, wedding businesses, creatives, and online service providers, at all stages from start-ups to established businesses. Their results have included incredible mindset breakthroughs, increased and unshakable confidence, increased sales and profit, huge pivots, additional income streams, clarity, action and so much more. It’s time to stop coasting and take the actions needed to unlock unlimited prosperity, happiness, more money, and a bulletproof mindset for unstoppable success.

Investment is £6,497. Fill in the form to apply to work with Charlotte for the VIP 1-1 service. 

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"Working with Charlotte has been an absolute dream. I couldn’t recommend the experience more, it totally transformed my version of 2020 and beyond. Highlight having my best day in business ever this November!"

The whole experience has been more of a journey and improved so many areas of my life than I ever thought it would have. I’ve followed Charlotte for a long time and just loved her outlook on everything, her personality and style (personal & branding) so it was such an easy choice once I had my discovery call and realised that the reason I didn’t think I needed a mentor was the exact reason I did and things have changed dramatically for me since I massively up levelled in my mindset and success. Thank you Charlotte.


"Since working with Charlotte I have set up a successful Brand Partner programme, sales have massively increased, plus we have taken on more stockists of our brand."

From my very first session with Charlotte I was immediately uplifted. I very quickly gained a new perspective on my goals and could see how I wanted to progress my business. We set some immediate action points that switched my mindset and built my confidence immediately. Charlotte has transformed my life and I highly recommend her as a coach and mentor.


"After mentoring with Charlotte, I am feeling more empowered and I have more clarity on my goals and thoughts. I would 100% recommend Charlotte to anyone."

Before I spoke to Charlotte I was really struggling with direction. I’m really goal orientated and when talking to me Charlotte identified this and tailor made me a plan to work through. One of the many things we talked about was my limiting self-beliefs and she really made me challenge my negative thoughts and my own self-doubt. Charlotte really helped open up my mind to different career paths I hadn’t even considered, which has made me feel really positive and inspired. She has lots of business knowledge and is very inspirational to me which is one of the reasons I contacted Charlotte.


"After our first call I applied to speak at a digital event and was chosen! I believe this was down to my mindset shift and my limiting beliefs that Charlotte helped me to break down."

It has been amazing to work with Charlotte. I was quite lost in my offering and also really unsure about who my ideal clients were. Charlotte helped me to break down why I was feeling this way, and helped me to get clarity on these things - I would highly recommend working with Charlotte - not only is she a super lovely person, but she really knows what she’s talking about in terms of running a business and uses this alongside her mindset skills.


"Charlotte’s intuition-led coaching allows her clients to remain themselves in the process. She builds trust and rapport within minutes and knows when to push and when to remind you to take it easy, making sure things stay fun."

Before I worked with Charlotte, I felt lost. I had had no idea where to start or what the next step to move me forward should be. Working with her gave me the confidence to recognise the steps I am making are paying off. She really motivated me to start the ball rolling whilst trusting the process. With her help, I gained clarity on what my purpose is and what I have to offer. I would highly recommend working with Charlotte – she is fabulous!


"Within two weeks of working with Charlotte I had my two largest enquiries, one for a dream destination wedding and a booking for my new rates, the highest they've been yet!"

I was absolutely blown away with the amount of time and support I got from our sessions. Charlotte really gives her heart and soul and for me this was the thing I enjoyed the most - having someone who is so genuine and supportive on my team just for me, I am truly grateful! I would highly recommend Charlotte as a mentor. She's a beautiful person inside and out and I can't wait for our next phase of work together.

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