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After founding and building a multi 7-figure and award winning bridal brand, Charlotte has transitioned into mentoring to fulfil her purpose in life; to empower and support women in taking the actions needed to achieve unlimited prosperity, happiness, and success.  
Hailing from just outside Manchester, Charlotte’s two main loves in life are her little boy Harry and her passion to support and enable women all over the world to have it all. Charlotte’s action taking clients with Charlotte’s support step into a millionaire mindset that enables them to scale to 6, 7 and multi 7 figures in business. Knowing first-hand that in order to be successful it takes dedication, motivation, consistency and your number one cheerleader right behind you Charlotte has quickly become the go to success coach, mentor and consultant. 
Since stepping out of the bridal industry, she has gained many new qualifications, and is now qualified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and breakthrough and performance coaching. Combining the invaluable knowledge and experience gained from creating a hugely successful brand with her mindset expertise, enables Charlotte to support her clients to scale to another level of fortune. Charlotte’s track record of results and endless testimonials praising her work and results keep coming from her ambitious and very happy clients. 
Charlotte’s mentoring and consultancy is for female creatives and high achieving entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in their self-development and want a mentor who has the experience and expertise to support them on their journey to financial freedom.
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About Charlotte

Hey you!

After identifying a gap in the market for a young, fashion-forward, modern but ethereal and romantic bridal gown collection. I dipped my toe in the water and created my first collection. It was a success! At my first show I took on a full order book of stockists and I knew I was on to something special. 
The first few years were tough though. Like all markets, everyone wants the new kid on the block so your first year is easy - the hard part is what comes next. The designs were beautifully made, and I had an amazing team by my side, but I was missing my USP - my brand identity. I knew I had to take action and do something really special. My next collection was bolder - fresh styles with unusual fabrics and detailing. It was a brave move and the resulting dresses were truly stunning. I decided to have the gowns shot by a fashion photographer on location, to truly set them apart and give the images an edgier, more editorial look. Alongside this I launched new branding, a new website and brought all these elements together to create a new-look brand with me firmly at the forefront. The press went crazy for the new shoot and the gowns were blowing people away. I was also offering my customers a partnership, so they could be part of the success, mentoring them on how to be a brand partner and sell the dresses.
After this, as they say, the rest is history. Charlotte Balbier bridal produced 16 collections under my leadership, selling thousands of gowns and dressing brides all around the world. It went from zero stockists to 65 and was a leading name, with a very high profile and huge profit, growing year on year. It was an amazing time. I achieved numerous industry accolades over the years, including being named designer of the year in 2014. 

In 2003 I created Charlotte Balbier bridal

Back in 2003 I had just arrived home after travelling the world. I had spent some time in LA doing work experience in the fashion and film industry. This ignited something in me. Attending movie premieres – and even the Oscars! - gave me an insight into the glamour and exhilaration of success. I was only 25 but super ambitious, brimming with ideas and the determination to make a name for myself.  
I was raised single-handedly by my Mum, who had me at the age of just 17. She worked several jobs to keep a roof over our heads before starting her own bridal brand. I watched her work her socks off, showing never ending dedication and determination. This had been instilled in her by my grandparents, who taught her that if you want something, you work for it. They too had come from humble beginnings and built their own bridal business, so it is very much in my blood! This all gave me the work ethic I have today. I am a natural entrepreneur and leader and I am relentless when building a brand.

My Story so far...

As well as the CB bridal brand I was appointed Creative Director of our other brands – at one point we had 5 brands within the portfolio, with a stockist list of over 350. This role involved design, branding, events, PR, marketing, training, selling, and coaching stockists, as well as all the day to day management of my team of 20. 
I was smashing targets in the business world, but behind the scenes my personal life was suffering. I was struggling with having any sort of work/life balance, working 24/7 most days of the week and putting a huge amount of pressure on myself. In 2013 I got married and soon after we started trying for a baby. We had fallen pregnant a few years earlier but sadly experienced a miscarriage. For the next few years work became even more stressful and I was struggling to fall pregnant. We underwent fertility tests and were given the heart-breaking news that we would struggle to conceive. We decided to embark on IVF, which took a great toll on my body and my mind. This was unsuccessful, and I was told that IVF would not work for us. It was a huge shock, but something inside me told me they were wrong. I decided to explore the more natural approach, so I changed my diet, cut out alcohol and started to look after myself more and had acupuncture. Just a few months later I found out I was pregnant. I could not believe it! My beautiful miracle baby Harry is now 3 and the light of my life.

This was the most beautiful time, but also one of the most difficult, as sadly my dear Grandpops became seriously ill. We knew time was not on his side and it was devastating for me and all the family. My Mum desperately wanted to sell the business, giving her the freedom to spend as much time as possible with her parents and enjoy being a new Nonna to Harry. I wasn’t on board with this at first - I was hugely emotionally invested in the brands. I had worked so hard to grow them and I had ambitions to do so much more. However, as my bump grew and my Grandpops’ health deteriorated, I knew that it was impossible for me to carry on at the speed I was going at, and so I made the very difficult - but right - decision to sell the brand. They were sold in April 2017, and Harry arrived in the August, changing my life in a way I never knew possible. Not long after he arrived, we lost my Grandpops. I am just glad that he got to meet Harry and have one very special cuddle together.

So, there I was, a new Mum at the age of nearly 40. I had sold my brand and as a result lost my identity. I was grieving for my Grandpops and life was all over the place. Over time I started to slip into post-natal depression. I couldn’t see it at first and when the wheels did start to come off, I felt so guilty admitting it so just soldiered on, ignoring all the red flags. I began working again, taking on clients who asked me to mentor them whilst keeping my hand in the creative side with my lifestyle brand All The Pretty. My heart was not quite in the brand though and although I was getting some really high-profile exposure, the coaching and mentoring that I was doing aligned more with what my heart wanted to do. I was working with some amazing clients and getting them outstanding results, but behind closed doors I was really struggling with my depression. In November 2019 it all came to a head when I finally admitted to my Mum just how low I was. I can only describe it as a black hole that I felt I would never get out of. 
I took the tough decision to take some time out to get my mental health and mindset back on track. I prioritised being a full-time Mummy and working on myself. Whilst having this time out I qualified in NLP. This helped me massively, as it’s such a powerful mindset skill to have. I worked every single day on practicing gratitude and building my self-esteem, and slowly things started to change - the fog started to lift. By April 2020 to say I had transformed my mindset and confidence would be an understatement. I was feeling the most clear and focused I had ever felt. I woke up one day and remembered who I was, the 7 figure success goddess was back! I felt the time was right to take on clients again as the demand was there with people constantly asking me to mentor them.

I knew I had to use what I had learned from working my way out of rock bottom to help others. I wanted to turn my mess into my message. So many women go through depression and mindset difficulties and, like me, find it hard to be open about their vulnerabilities. I now want to show women that you can still be brilliant, happy, and prosperous after life throws you a curve ball or two.
With my 20 years of business success along with my mindset toolkit and experience, I am helping my clients on a much deeper and more real level. I am not your average glossy coach who wraps it all up, makes it Insta perfect and gives you unrealistic fluffy advice. I am real, raw, and honest. I will share with you all that I know and give you the inside track to the glorious highs and lows that have shaped me to become the leader that I am today.
If you are super ambitious like me and ready to put in the work, your ready to scale in mindset and business then let’s do this. I could not be more excited and happy to be sharing this journey with you. 

Love and Prosperity, CB x

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