This is a unique opportunity to learn from two of the UK’s leading female entrepreneurs. Charlotte Balbier and Amanda Wyatt have over 60 years of combined experience, knowledge, and expertise, with a proven track record of success. Both have had an extensive career working in high end retail, manufacturing, and design, founding their own individual brands before coming together to build multi 7-figure brands. They are well placed to advise, consult, and support fashion, lifestyle and bridal brands and businesses who want an expert ear and solid advice that gets results.


After founding and building a 7-figure bridal brand, Charlotte has transitioned into mentoring to fulfil her purpose in life; to empower and support business owners and brands in taking the actions needed to achieve unlimited prosperity, happiness, and success.   
Hailing from just outside Manchester, Charlotte’s two main loves in life are her little boy Harry and her passion to support and enable brands all over the world to become unstoppable and to build 7 figure empires. She knows first-hand that in order to be a success it takes dedication, motivation, and sheer hard work. Having the right consultant supporting you gives you the confidence to get where you want to be, so you can flourish and prosper. 
Since stepping out of the bridal business, she has gained many new qualifications, and is now qualified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and breakthrough and performance coaching. Combining the invaluable knowledge and experience gained from creating a hugely successful brand with her mindset expertise enables Charlotte to support her clients in reaching new levels of success.  
Charlotte’s secret sauce is her unique ability to quickly identify what people and businesses need and what is standing in their way. A quick thinker brimming with knowledge and endless ideas, Charlotte is the go-to inspirational powerhouse needed to set you on your way to success. Charlotte has a natural creative talent and keen marketing eye, with solid expertise in these fields. 
She has a long history in the fashion industry, working all the way through from the shop floor to visual merchandising and marketing. She adores fashion and all things stylish, especially all the pretty things.



Born into the bridal industry with her parents staring their own bridal business when she was just 9 months old, Amanda spent all her younger years watching them build this small business into a large and wildly successful company. Their hard work paid dividends, resulting in several retail shops, two brands and even their own manufacturing facility. Her parents instilled a strong work ethic in her and encouraged her to work her way up from Saturday girl to more senior positions. Alongside building her career, she also juggled the demands of being a young Mum raising her daughter single-handedly, working multiple jobs at a time to support them. After working hard and earning her stripes, she joined the family business in a full-time role until it was sold in the late 80s.   
After working in her family’s bridal business for several years, Amanda spotted a huge gap in the market for her own designs and style and decided to launch her own bridal brand. It was a huge gamble and she even put her house up as security… that is how much she believed in her ability to make it a success. As they say the rest is history and she built a brand to exceed all expectations that went on to become one of the UK’s leading, most loved, and respected names in bridal. She won countless awards and was a prominent member of all the key British bridal boards, as the go to expert that everyone respected. 
Amanda has a sharp eye for knowing instantly what is going to be a bestselling line in both fashion and bridal. A keen commercial mind, her rule is always 80% commercial and 20% creative. Profit is Amanda’s main focus for her own businesses and those she now consults for. The 80/20 rule is the key to why she always has a very healthy bottom line, and she lives by the famous quote “turnover is vanity, profit is sanity” that her own father Alan Wyatt also lived by. Amanda is famous for her sales talents in both consumer and B2B, skills she now passes to her clients using simple but effective training. 



The press and industry have dubbed Amanda and Charlotte the dynamic duo, and with their proven track record of multi 7-figure brand building, healthy bottom lines, and countless awards and accolades, this comes as no surprise. With their complementary skill sets and the unique experience that comes from working together closely for so many years, they are now in high demand as business consultants, with fashion, lifestyle and bridal brands all wanting them for 1-1 support. 
Whether you are a start-up solo entrepreneur, or a multimillion-pound brand, Amanda and Charlotte can support you as you drive your business forward. Their extensive expertise, brainstorming and practical training is used to bring their clients increased market visibility and, ultimately, higher profits.

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Dubbed the dynamic duo… 

— Andreea Coma

"The best thing I ever did for myself and for my business, was booking a VIP coaching day with Charlotte. I recommend her 100% she is a really life and business changer. Thank you from all my heart Charlotte."

— Lisa Adnitt

"Mentoring with Charlotte has been absolutely amazing. I have enjoyed it so much that I have rebooked to continue to work with Charlotte. I would highly recommend her and am very much looking forward to carrying on this journey. I can’t imagine not having Charlotte in my life!"

— Annmarie

"Working with Charlotte I gained clarity on what I needed to get done and with her support absolutely smashed it task by task in the most achievable way. Once we’d worked together to get my mind in the right place it was like the universe listened, within two weeks I had my two largest sales, one a booking for my new rates the highest they’ve been yet!"

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