Success stories from my amazing clients. Read below about how they have all had huge mindset shifts along with the most incredible transformations in their businesses. This is your inspiration to know that you too with my support you can scale your business and mindset to create unlimited prosperity. Ready to take your business and mindset to the next level of success? Read on….


Lauren Hards

it’s the best thing I’ve done in a really long time

Working with Charlotte has been an absolute dream! The whole experience has been more of a journey and improved so many areas of my life than I ever thought it would have.

I wasn’t looking to work with anyone and I hadn’t even considered working with a mentor before as I assumed it was for bigger brands or for businesses with a team etc but it’s the best thing I’ve done in a really long time.

I’ve followed Charlotte for a long time and just loved her outlook on everything, her personality and style (personal & branding) so it was such an easy choice once I had my discovery call and realised that the reason I didn’t think I needed a mentor was the exact reason I did and things have changed dramatically for me since with me having my best day in business ever this November!

I needed to level up, think bigger, put better processes in place to make my life easier and shift my mindset, which before working with Charlotte I would have described as pretty good but in reality there was so much more work to be done!

The little check ins out of the blue and ‘I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend with some time for you’ messages really made my day, so did the gorgeous notebook and chocolate that arrived in the post before our first zoom session.

I wouldn’t have described myself as someone who liked to journal before but through Charlotte’s prep and feedback structure I have realised that I get so much from actually writing things down so that’s one of the new skills I’ll take forward and fit into my new routine.

I have learned so much more about myself and that’s one of the best parts! It’s not just beneficial when you’re working with Charlotte, it’s a long term investment because although she’s there for you at every step you’re doing the work yourself which means that you’ll be in a stronger position in future!

I couldn’t recommend the experience of working with Charlotte more as it’s completely transformed my version of 2020!

Thank you Charlotte xx

it’s the best thing I’ve done in a really long time

Lauren Hards

The best thing I have ever done for myself and for my business was book a VIP coaching day with Charlotte. The day we did together helped me so much. Now in COVID time I’m still seeing the benefits of my 1-1 day together. I recommend Charlotte 100% she is really a life and business changer. Thank you from all my heart Charlotte.

Andrea Coma

We came to Charlotte as we had got to a point with the brand where we really wanted to be ready to take things to the next level in all aspects of the business and in the middle of a global pandemic it was hard to land on a clear path forward and also to have the confidence in our ideas in such an uncertain world. We knew that Charlotte's expertise would be invaluable in helping us to see that clear way forward, to prioritise what needed to be done, to change or adapt and to have confidence to carry it out. Also invaluable was her sales experience and observations on our own mindset barriers. 

We felt able to share our thoughts, concerns, ideas and mindset in a safe space and ultimately to give ourselves permission to believe in our business, that we love, to truly appreciate our value and what we offer, to own what we do. To know our worth, to be confident to carry that forward and build on our successes so far. 

Since our mentoring sessions with Charlotte, we have taken on a beautiful new showroom to enable us to offer our stockists a dedicated space to view the collections, we've also made a number of changes and have a few exciting projects up our sleeve, which we've had to delay due to this most recent lockdown, but are firmly on track and ready and waiting to go when the time is right. 

Charlotte is a truly supportive, friendly, generous and open mentor, always on hand to help with advice and keep you on track, even with unruly creative types like us! We really enjoyed the sessions, as well as learning from them, it never felt a chore... and also the gorgeous mentoring kit was a very nice touch, who doesn't love gorgeous stationery to note down all the new ideas for taking on the world. We really look forward to working with Charlotte again in the future and would recommend her to anyone committed to make real changes in their work and mindset. 

Fi & Becca
Emma Swain


Working with Charlotte has been a dream, if you're looking for a business mentor Charlotte is your gal!

When I started to design my own brand the whole process became very overwhelming and I needed some guidance. I really look up to Charlotte and her enthusiasm for sharing her expertise and I knew she would be the perfect coach for me.

The advice and knowledge that I gained will take my brand to the next level and help us to stand out, and be unique.

Thank you for your honesty and for guiding me along the right road, for shifting my mindset and for all your insane ideas. Most importantly Thank you for sharing your positivity and believing in my brand.

I'm excited to continue working together as the brand grows. If anyone is thinking about working with Charlotte just do it, highly recommend it.

The advice and knowledge that I gained will take my brand to the next level

Emma Swain

Before I worked with Charlotte, I felt lost. I had had no idea where to start or what the next step to move me forward should be. Working with her gave me the confidence to recognise the steps I am making are not a waste of money and energy and that they contribute to my success. She really motivated me to start the ball rolling whilst trusting the process.

With her help, I gained clarity on what my purpose is and what I have to offer. From here I know I can take it further and my opportunities are limitless. It got me into the flow. I went from feeling stuck and not believing I knew what to do, to now having clear direction. During the process if I was reminded of any of my limiting beliefs, Charlotte was always there to support me and help me through these wobbles. 

I realised that mindset and healthy eating habits are not a destination but a foundation to achieve our goals, big or small. It shifted me from nutritional therapist to Intuitive life coach - massive breakthroughs for me. 

Charlotte’s intuition-led coaching allows her clients to remain themselves in the process. She builds trust and rapport within minutes and knows when to push and when to remind you to take it easy, making sure things stays fun. Her sessions are incredibly helpful and in-depth, yet also enjoyable and informal.  

I would highly recommend working with Charlotte – she is fabulous!

Sonka Braunova

Shall we do it?

I think it’s time we worked together, don’t you? Read enough and now ready to take the action to claim your next level success? Let’s talk!

Maria Ryan

I was really struggling with imposter syndrome

Although running a successful business, before I worked with Charlotte, I was really struggling with imposter syndrome. I had lost track of where I wanted to build and develop my brand and my confidence was really low. I found myself being very hard on myself and being a huge people pleaser, often to my detriment. If I’m totally honest, I felt lost, and very unsure of my next steps.  
From my very first session with Charlotte I was immediately uplifted. I very quickly gained a new perspective on my goals and could see how I wanted to progress my business. We set some immediate action points that switched my mindset and built my confidence immediately. 
Since working with her I have set up a successful Brand Partner programme, sales have been up despite stockists being closed for months, plus we have taken on more retailers. On a more personal level, I am starting to find my place and where I want to position myself in my industry.

I feel so much more confident going forward and have such clarity on what I want to achieve. I have worked on my ‘people pleasing’ and am more confident in myself, my business direction and where I am going and what I want to achieve. The biggest breakthrough for me has been realising my abilities and the value that I bring to people and to my industry. I have changed my mindset to a much more positive perspective and feel so much happier generally.  
I loved every aspect of my mentorship! I loved our Zooms, emails, and worksheets, but the WhatsApp messages really make a difference. It’s that constant little reminder that she is there, which reminds me of who I want to be and what I should be doing. She also has a very spooky knack of just knowing when you need that little WhatsApp boost!

She has helped me see things in a different way; to see the good in things and the opportunities that arise. She makes me feel like I can achieve my goals and gives really practical advice on how to move forward, allowing me to see progression. She is basically my hero!

I will be forever grateful – she has changed me as a person, or more appropriately, she has helped me to be me, and to be happy with that. In fact she has changed my life. I would one hundred percent recommend working with her. 

Maria Ryan

I was really struggling with imposter syndrome

Maria Ryan

It has been amazing to work with Charlotte. I was quite lost in my offering and also really unsure about who my ideal clients were. Charlotte helped me to break down why I was feeling this way, and helped me to get clarity on these things - even after just 1 call I felt clearer, and she sent me away with some actionable things to do.

My mindset shifted massively - and after our first call I applied to speak at a digital event and was chosen! I believe this was down to my mindset shift and my limiting beliefs that Charlotte helped me to break down.

I would highly recommend working with Charlotte - not only is she a super lovely person, but she really knows what she’s talking about in terms of running a business and uses this alongside her mindset skills.

Alice Bjorkstrand

Charlotte you are such a delight to work with - you really do go the extra mile for your clients and what I love the most is that you care and go beyond the mentoring sessions.

The sessions were invaluable to me as a solo entrepreneur. To have someone with knowledge and experience and a different pair of eyes looking at your business is a must, especially if they are called Charlotte Balbier. You have helped me up level, look at creating the businesses I truly want and showed me there is always a solution to a problem - just a different path to take to get there sometimes.

Our sessions were like discussions where we exchanged ideas - you are so kind and generous both with your time and expertise that I felt very at ease asking anything. I think that what makes you unique is your genuine enthusiasm and your desire to help others achieve and feel good in themselves at the same time.

Natalia Willmott

Nina Stones


Working with Charlotte was a wonderful experience from start to finish. She put me at ease from the beginning and in our first meeting we got straight to work, and my head became full of excitement instead of the overwhelming feelings that I had been experiencing.

As a very busy mum of 4 and a company director of 7 businesses I’d lost my focus and felt like I had no direction and Charlotte was the perfect person to help. She made me realise that I was more than capable, and she shifted my mindset to one that was positive and balanced. She enabled me to be more focused and actually understand and evaluate my ultimate goals, something that is so valuable when you are striving for success.

I now completely believe in myself which is a gift that Charlotte has within. She is honest and supportive, and her creativity is second to none. My success from our sessions has been clear to see - I now have full control and a super strong team who also share my focused, organised, and positive mindset.

I really do have a dream team! I would highly recommend Charlotte to give you that boost and drive that you may be lacking. She has done wonders for me and the future now feels exciting.

my head became full of excitement instead of the overwhelming feelings

Nina Stones

Before I was mentored by Charlotte I felt unsure as to where to start with all the ideas I had for developing my hair and makeup business. I also felt quite lonely as none of my friends and family are in business and didn’t understand about the big decisions I needed to make.

During the weeks I spent with Charlotte I gained clarity on what I needed to get done and with her support I absolutely smashed it task by task in the most achievable way. Having her support gave me the confidence to do things I'd been skirting around the houses about doing for a long time.

My two biggest breakthroughs were my mindset and increasing my prices with ease! Once we'd worked together to get my mind in the right place it was like the universe listened - within two weeks I had my two largest enquiries, one for a dream destination wedding and a booking for my new rates, the highest they've been yet!

Charlotte has this unique way of helping to break things down into simple steps and helping you break down any barriers so you can really believe your own true potential whilst being completely realistic at the same time. I was absolutely blown away with the amount of time and support I got from her sessions. She really gives her heart and soul and for me this was the thing I enjoyed the most - having someone who is so genuine and supportive on my team just for me, I am truly grateful!

I would highly recommend Charlotte as a mentor. She's a beautiful person inside and out and I can't wait for our next phase of work together. 

Annmarie Whatmough

When I first started working on my Bridal business, Charlotte was the first designer I knew I wanted in the boutique. When Charlotte then became a business mentor, we spoke several times and I knew that should the opportunity ever arise then she would be the person I would need to go to to help me take my business to the next level. A date became available for a VIP day with her and, as I already happened to be in Manchester that weekend, it felt like it was meant to be! After a couple of years in business, I felt like things were coasting along and I needed help to see what I should do next, Charlotte helped me see things so clearly; things I deep down already knew but hearing them from Charlotte helped me see them as the truth and to understand myself, my business and my brides more.

In the weeks after working with Charlotte I was able to put into place some new ideas that she had given me, alongside my new found confidence. The following 3 months were some of the best sales months I had ever had - that December I sold more than I had in my previous 3 Decembers combined!

Working with Charlotte felt like working with a friend - she was truthful and honest with me in where I needed to try new things and grow, but at the same time, it felt like she wanted me to succeed just as much as I did. She was my very own personal cheerleader! A couple of days later I received a lovely card in the post; its final sentence is now on my wall as my daily reminder that someone else believes in me “Now is your new chapter, adventure and endless success awaits you. Believe in you. You got this.”

Victoria Arndt
Marisa Rooney


Working with Charlotte has been a game changer for myself personally and my business. Charlotte's sessions helped me set out a plan of where I wanted to take my business and how I was going to do it, she taught me before I could reach success.

I needed to focus on myself and my mindset first and she gave me great support to do this. Having Charlotte there to guide me through 2 lockdowns has been amazing, she has helped me stay focused and helped me to complete my plan of new and exciting introductions to my business. She taught me to take things at my own pace and helped me rid imposter syndrome!

Not only have I improved my own mental health and ticked a million things off my business list I've also stopped stressing over the smallest things and in turn this has enabled me to stop smoking!!!

Charlotte's mentoring sessions have been invaluable through the most worrying time I've ever experienced in business and I will forever be thankful I signed up with her. Her expertise and guidance have helped me so much that I am now going to continue to have regular sessions with her to grow my business further.

I'm so excited to continue my business planning and this is a world away from how I felt when we first started working together. I never really thought about mindset and writing down my goals before I worked with Charlotte but it is 100% proven that it really does make a difference and it's something that I can take forward and continue with to smash my targets.

I would not have been able to keep this positive and achieve my goals in the middle of the pandemic without her and I would 100% recommend her if you're a business babe who wants to grow your brand her teachings have been invaluable.

Marisa Rooney

Having Charlotte there to guide me through 2 lockdowns has been amazing

Marisa Rooney

I was fortunate to be able to work with Charlotte over an 8-week period. She is an incredible mentor - from our very first session I felt supported, encouraged and my positivity increased almost immediately.

She was always on hand to reassure me in moments when any self-doubt crept in and my tiny business dream felt like it was as important to her as it was to me.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend working with Charlotte if you get the chance to - it was absolutely one of THE best things I have ever done.

Kate Winchurst

Before I spoke to Charlotte I was really struggling with direction. I’m really goal orientated and when talking to me Charlotte identified this and tailor made me a plan to work through. One of the many things we talked about was my limiting self-beliefs and she really made me challenge my negative thoughts and my own self-doubt.

Charlotte really helped open up my mind to different career paths I hadn’t even considered, which has made me feel really positive and inspired. She is so chilled out and is easy to talk to which makes opening up really easy. She has lots of business knowledge and is very inspirational to me which is one of the reasons I contacted her.

After mentoring with Charlotte, I am feeling more empowered and I have more clarity on my goals and thoughts. I would 100% recommend Charlotte to anyone.

Charmaine Soldiew

Lisa Adnitt


Charlotte has been absolutely amazing. During lockdown I decided I wanted a mentor to help me grow personally and in my business. What I learnt through lockdown was that when I have time, I am good at focusing and getting things done but I knew as soon as normal day to day was resumed it would go out the window.

I knew Charlotte from the bridal industry, so as soon as I saw what she was doing I knew she was the right fit for me, we are very similar in what we love and I wanted someone who really understood me and my business.

When I signed up, I received the most beautiful gift from Charlotte - it was literally all my favourite things in one box and again, this just confirmed how similar we are and made me more excited to get started. As soon as we did, I knew I had made the right decision.

Charlotte keeps me focussed. I used to be the type of person that would start jobs and never finish but she has set goals for me and made sure I complete all my tasks. Overall I am a positive person but I am also a worrier (especially of things that I cannot change) she has got me to look at things differently and changed my mindset and when I do slip she is quick to get me back to where I need to be.

I have enjoyed it so much that I have rebooked to continue to work with Charlotte. I would highly recommend her and am very much looking forward to carrying on this journey. I can’t imagine not having Charlotte in my life!

I used to be the type of person that would start jobs and never finish

Lisa Adnitt

I have known Charlotte Balbier since I started my business nearly 6 years ago, as I was one of her bridal customers. When I got to the point in my life and business where I felt I needed help, knowing that Charlotte now specialised in the areas I needed help with was a godsend.

I had a huge feeling of overwhelm, uncertainty of where to go next and had generally a lack of faith in what I was doing. After my first session with Charlotte I immediately felt a huge weight off my shoulders. Just to know that someone else understood the position I was in and could quickly identify the areas I needed to focus on for change was the biggest help of all.

The biggest shift for me personally, was that I needed to focus on myself - something you quickly lose sight of when you run your own business. Charlotte has a wealth of knowledge on tools to use and recognised how I could implement these into my life at my own pace.

Rather than saying ‘you need to do this, you need to do that’ Charlotte listens to how everything can work and fit into your life. There isn’t a one size fits all method, she really makes it personal to you.

From a business perspective Charlotte has encouraged me to break things down, to focus on the areas that will make a difference. She’s taught me you can’t do everything at once and to believe in yourself. The mindset shift it has created has generated increased sales in the business, more targeted strategies for growth and a more enhanced money mindset.

Diana McMann

I have been lucky enough to work with Charlotte over the last few weeks. I reached out to Charlotte late one night when life just felt overwhelming, Charlotte immediately phoned me to chat through how I was feeling and offer support and advice.

Having already worked with Charlotte I knew signing up for some more mentoring was exactly what I needed. During the sessions Charlotte helped me to challenge myself and make myself accountable, and on the days where my positivity was low she would be there for me to help me work through what the triggers were and how to move past them.

Charlotte has given me the confidence to believe in myself and to make a life changing decision about my future work life. Charlotte not only has a wealth of business knowledge that she shares, but also offers advice about mindset and self-care. Charlotte has a wide network of business people that she recommends which has been invaluable in helping me build my business and its brand. But most of all Charlotte cares about her clients and is there at any time of the day to call on should you need her.

I would highly recommend her and will definitely be working with Charlotte again in the future. 

Sarah Brereton

Natalie Kerr

Charlotte gave me the push to have more confidence in myself

Before working with Charlotte, I was stressed, overwhelmed, and stuck - I didn’t know which direction to go in. I felt like my head was spinning with a million ideas, but I didn’t know which one would work best for me. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown! Then I met Charlotte. Being mentored by her was amazing. She is so caring and wanted the best for me. She is also very supportive and gave me a huge confidence boost by telling me things about myself that I didn’t realise people noticed - which were my limiting beliefs.   
My biggest win whilst working with her, was when I realised all the confusion spinning around in my head had gone. We had mapped out a plan which felt right. I knew at last how I was going to transition over to my passion project. I also realised that two business ideas that I was trying to decide upon actually worked quite well together, and I didn’t have to choose - I could do them both. I woke up the next day after our call excited to get to work on my business; a feeling which I had lost for a long time.   

Charlotte gave me the push to have more confidence in myself, by pointing out to me that I had all the skills and knowledge that I needed, and that I should be on another level to where I think I am. It really gave me that boost I needed, to the point where I felt able to go on my competitor’s websites. Usually I would say ‘I can't do that, I am not good enough’, but I read through the services they offered, and I thought to myself.... I can do this! I am capable and I am just as good as them! 

I love how Charlotte noticed the words I used that were negative and pulled me up on them. She uses her intuition and energy to know what feels right when you are coming up with ideas for your business. I fully recommend being mentored by her. It was hugely beneficial to have that much needed few hours to just focus on me and my business, something which hardly ever used to happen! To have someone to bounce ideas off and get someone else’s opinion is exactly what I needed.

Charlotte gave me the push to have more confidence in myself

Natalie Kerr

After having a 1-1 with Charlotte today I couldn’t recommend her more. Being completely clueless in business, Charlotte has helped me get more clarity on what I should be doing and where I should be heading with my business ideas.

Charlotte was very understanding and willing to share her valuable knowledge with me, which I greatly appreciate. Being a powerful and inspirational woman with an array of successful businesses in her portfolio, I felt very safe and secure discussing my plans and dreams for my business and shall keep coming to her for more sound advice. Straight to the point but welcoming, I believe that anyone is lucky to be able to become one of Charlotte’s clients.

Fleur Flaherty

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